4 Ways to Keep Foot Spa Visits Sanitary

Friday, July 28, 2017

Although foot spas have wonderful perks, it’s important to note that they get a great deal of traffic and clients throughout the day. Here are four ways to make sure a trip to the spa is as sanitary as possible.

Make Sure Tools Are Sanitized or Single Use Only








Ideally, every spa has a means to sterilize devices before using them on different clients, but the truth is that not all of them do. Choose a spa that uses medical grade cleaners and stainless steel equipment for optimal sterilization. Additionally, other items like brushes for polish, buffers, and nail files should be disposable after each client use.

Stave off the Shave

It can be tempting to shave before going to a spa. But in truth, shaving results in tiny micro-tears that make the perfect space for bacteria or infection to seep into the body. While a quality medical spa will use poreless baths to ensure sanitary soaking, it is still safest to wait to shave until after the pedicure.

Don’t Get Calluses Shaved—Unless by a Licensed Professional

Although getting calluses shaved may be part of a routine spa day for many people, cutting is surgery, and not everyone is appropriately trained. A chiropodist specializes in foot care and can safely complete more intensive procedures in preparation for esthetic services.

Give Nails a Break

Having nail polish on toenails for more than two to three weeks can result in dehydration. Even though it can be hard to have naked nails for days at a time, giving nails a break between trips to the spa is a tip that will pay off.

The spa is a wonderful treat that takes the stress out of foot care. Being aware of these basic hygiene tips and asking the right questions at the salon will ensure a safe and sanitary visit.