Orthotics in Azilda, ON

  • Between running, walking and standing for long periods of time, your feet handle pressure and stress daily. The team at Azilda Family Foot Care is dedicated to helping you find relief. Whether or not you wear a custom orthotic, our wide variety of stylish and comfortable orthopedic footwear is designed to stabilize your lower body and minimize discomfort. Let us take the stress out of finding the perfect shoe.

    Understanding Orthotics

    Orthotics are custom insoles for your shoes designed to control the mechanical instability of your feet. Orthotics correct the distribution of weight through the feet, improving the mechanics of your entire lower body, minimizing pain and improving standing posture. These custom-fitted insoles are made specifically for each foot because each foot varies in its structure and movement pattern. Our orthotics can help relieve pain as well as prevent it.

    Our Chiropodist will fully assess your feet and walking pattern and then cast or scan your foot to get precise measurements. Afterward, they will send a prescription for your custom-made orthotics, which will be available within two to three weeks. All orthotics come with a one-year warranty on the top cover and any modifications.

  • To find out if you need Orthotics, take our Quiz now!
    • Constantly rubbing your feet because they are “killing you”?
    • Limping in pain first thing in the morning or at the end of the day?
    • “Just putting up” with hip, knee or back pain?
    • A diabetic that is aggravated daily or woken up at night with severe pain?
    • Suffering from overall arthritic pain?
    • Living every day with leg, ankle or foot pain?
    • A physically active person who just continues through the pain?
    • Concerned that you have flat or high-arched feet?
    • Trying to convince yourself that your foot pain will eventually go away?
    • Not able to do the things you used to because your feet hurt?
    • Blaming your sore feet on “old age” or “work”?
    • Finally ready to have pain-free feet???

    If you have checked any of the above, it is highly recommended that you see a chiropodist, contact us today!

After you receive your orthotics, we will follow up with you in approximately three weeks to see how you are doing with your insoles. Orthotics should be replaced at least every two years; however, we offer a $100 discount on any second pair of custom orthotics purchased within three months of when we receive full payment for the first pair. Additional information, prescriptions and letters are available should your insurance company require them.

For our patients under 16, we offer a child outgrowth program. It offers our smallest patients a 2nd and 3rd pair of orthotics at a discounted price. The discount offer is only valid within specific time frames.

Orthopedic Shoes

Our custom-made orthopedic shoes address all of the needs of our patients with structural foot deformities who cannot fit off-the-shelf shoes. The Chiropodist performs a thorough evaluation and fiberglass casting technique that captures the precise impression of your foot and leg to produce a custom pair of shoes. Visit steenwyk.com to see a world of custom shoe possibilities.

The friendly staff at Azilda Family Foot Care is ready to help you with all of your orthotics needs. We want to help you find healing and comfort for you and your feet. Contact us to ask questions about our custom made orthotics and footwear or to make an appointment.

  • An orthodic insole being custom made for a client of Azilda Family Foot Care in Azilda, ON

  • Once you have received your orthotics, here are a few things you should know:

    • A second pair of Custom Made Orthotics purchased within 3 months of the date full payment was received will be discounted by $100.
    • One year warranty on the top cover and any modifications is included.
    • Custom Made Orthotics should be replaced at least every two years.
    • Additional information, prescriptions and letters are available should your insurance company require them.
    • We offer a Child Outgrowth program for patients under the age of 16, where a 2nd and 3rd pair of Custom Made Orthotics will be discounted if purchased within specific time frames.
    • We will be contacting you in approximately 3 weeks to see how you are doing with your orthotics.
    • Contact us if you are having persisting problems or pain, your Custom Made Orthotics may require an adjustment or modification.
    Orthotic FAQs
Children and Orthotics