Four Reasons to Consider Laser Therapy for Foot Pain

Thursday, September 28, 2017

If you’re experiencing foot pain, laser therapy could be an effective solution, regardless of the condition causing your discomfort. Consider these four reasons to have laser foot therapy at a qualified foot clinic.

1. Laser therapy effectively treats a range of foot issues.








This treatment can be used to alleviate leg, knee, ankle, and foot pain, including heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. It will also help with tendonitis, joint inflammation, peripheral neuropathy and sprains. The laser deeply penetrates the affected area to remove inflammation, relieving pain and discomfort. In most cases, the problem is permanently resolved, compared with pain medication that simply masks symptoms without treating the underlying cause.

2. Healing occurs quickly.

The lasers used for foot therapy stimulate fast cell growth and tissue repair, which expedites the healing process. With laser therapy, open wounds and burns heal more quickly and with less pain than with other types of treatment.

3. You won’t experience side effects.

If you’ve been taking pain medication to treat your foot pain, you’ll know that it can leave you sleepy and moody, as well as contribute to unwelcome side effects such as weight gain or constipation. Laser foot therapy allows for pain relief without uncomfortable or debilitating side effects. Because laser treatments offer optimal control, you’ll experience less scarring and discomfort and a shorter recovery time than with traditional foot surgery.

4. Outpatient treatment is fast and convenient.

Each laser foot therapy session is pain-free, lasts just 30 minutes and is done right at our foot clinic. Depending on the cause of the pain and the extent of your injury, you may require a few sessions over a period of several weeks for permanent relief.

With safe, effective laser foot therapy, there’s no reason to suffer from pain that limits your activities and reduces your quality of life. Visit Azilda Family Foot Care in the Azilda Plaza to learn what’s causing your foot pain. We can diagnose your symptoms and determine whether you’re a candidate for laser therapy. For your convenience, book your appointment with us online.