Feeling Chronic Foot Pain? Here Are Some Reasons Your Feet Might Be Hurting

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Most people spend a significant amount of time on their feet throughout the day. Despite the importance of healthy feet to overall health, many people dismiss feet afflictions as minor ailments. Here are some common reasons for foot pain and why a trip to a foot care specialist or spa is a great remedy.

Poor Blood Flow

A doctor checking feet of a patient

Blood circulation plays a major role in foot health. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a common affliction that many people unknowingly suffer from. According to Everyday Health, PAD causes fatty build-up that limits blood flow to hands and feet. Reduced blood flow leads to dull aches and throbbing pains in feet.

Calluses Are Rough On Feet

Calluses have been plaguing feet for as long as humans have been walking. Surprisingly, calluses play a role in foot health by keeping feet blister free. Unfortunately, they aren’t doing any favours when they’re on the ball of the foot. A little soak and moisturizing from a caring professional will whisk those calluses away. Lucky enough, the Azilda spa is in the same location as the foot clinic. Consider choosing one of our spa packages instead of opting for a traditional pedicure salon.

Sore Muscles Equal Sore Feet

The foot is connected to the rest of the body via muscles and tendons. Plantar fasciitis is a very common and painful cause of foot pain. This dreaded ailment involves inflammation of the muscle tissue connecting the heel to the toes. While most pain from PF is found in the heels, stretching other parts of the foot and even the calf muscles will help. A nice massage and specially made socks and shoes can make plantar fasciitis pain a thing of the past. Azilda Family Footcare has a line of feet-friendly shoes that will make sore heels more comfortable.

Foot pain doesn’t have to be a part of everyday life. Consulting professionals who know feet is a great place to start. Whether it be with shoes, creams or just a little TLC, Azilda Family Footcare can help. Schedule an appointment with us today if you need relief from chronic foot pain.