Azilda Family Foot Care is currently booking patients in and prioritizing the most urgent and high risk patients first. If you have not yet received a call from us to book an appointment, please be patient.
Also, please be aware that your previous appointments that were booked into the future are now cancelled. Due to the guidelines and restrictions, we have no choice but to start over with a clean slate and schedule patients according to the new COVID-19 guidelines now. We truly appreciate your patience up to this point and also as it continues through our gradual re-opening process.

Kaarina Gorham
Azilda Family Foot Care
June 25, 2020

Azilda Family Foot Care will be closed August 3rd until August 21st, 2020 due to renovations.
We will reopen Monday August 24th.
Sorry for any inconveniences.

Foot Clinic Serving Azilda, ON

At Azilda Family Foot Care, your well-being is our main focus. Here at our foot clinic, you’ll find knowledgeable medical professionals and caring staff in a relaxing atmosphere. Let us help you with any foot-related conditions.

Who We Are

Our team works together to create a positive experience for each patient. From the moment you walk in, you will receive friendly, professional attention. Kaarina Gorham is a caring practitioner who takes the time to listen to, inform, and treat patients. Our staff, which includes a clinical specialist and an esthetician, works in harmony to provide your family with the highest quality care.

Our Services

Foot care begins with an initial consultation to determine what issues may be present. Care is provided on the first and return appointments to ease pain and promote wellness. Therapy modalities may include laser treatment, custom orthotic devices, nail surgery, and light therapy.

Our esthetics services focus on offering clean and safe spa-style pampering in a professional, sterile environment. These foot health services include pedicures and spa baths for a relaxing experience. For your convenience, we also offer manicures and facial waxing.

For patients whom need orthopedic shoes, our shoe specialist will work with you to find just the right pair. If you need custom footwear, we will create the perfect fit.

In addition, we regularly diagnose and treat a range of conditions in children. There is no need for a child to suffer from foot pain. Our foot clinic is here to evaluate and address issues experienced by young patients. We recognize that children’s feet grow at a rapid rate, so we have instituted an outgrowth program that will ensure your child’s orthotics always fit properly.

Whatever your age, we are here to help you find solutions to any foot problems you may be experiencing and to promote the well-being and vitality of your feet.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with the highest quality of foot care services in a gentle, efficient, and caring environment.


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